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Jan Mayle is the CEO and Founder of The Mayle Group LLC, (“TMG”) which was formed in 2014 to provide consultative services, mentoring, and strategic advice on the technology of electronic trading, the evolution of financial markets, wealth management, and financial analytics. The services of TMG are built on the extensive experiences of Mr. Mayle as a leader, innovator, and investor in the reshaping of both retail and institutional fixed income electronic trading and the solutions to support that change.

Prior to founding TMG, Mr. Mayle had a distinguished career at BondDesk where he was a member of the Executive Committee which led the company to a successful exit. He held a series of senior positions serving as the head of strategy, the head of ventures, the head of product management, and the President and CEO of two wholly owned, independently run subsidiaries, TIPS and TechHackers. Among his many achievements were: the development and execution of a strategy to reposition the revenue model in response to difficult and evolving market dynamics; shifting the company culture to a product centric and market driven one; leading the creation and implementation of plans to monetize underutilized and non-traditional assets; and turning around an underperforming corporate acquisition. During his tenure he was a co-creator of two patent pending inventions related to securities pricing and fair market value.

Before his work at BondDesk, Jan founded and was CEO of TIPS, Inc., which was at the forefront in the development and standardization of fixed income calculations software for the financial services industry and was considered to be the industry leader in fixed income analytics. In 2001 he sold TIPS to BondDesk.

Mr. Mayle is recognized as the leading expert on fixed income calculation standards and their implementation in software. He authored “Standard Securities Calculation Methods: Fixed Income Formulas for Price, Yield, and Accrued Interest”, Volume 1 and “Standard Securities Calculation Methods: Fixed Income Securities Formulas for Analytic Measures”, Volume 2 both of which were published in 1986 and 1993 by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and recently revised and made available in digital form. The two volumes define the industry standards for the math of fixed income trading and settlement.

Jan is an Entrepreneur Mentor for the New York FinTech Innovation Lab and for TechUnited:NJ.

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